BECOME A Reseller

Gains and Flexibility

Our resellers have exclusive advantages.We are constantly bringing in sales opportunities with incredible discounts.

Free permanent Help-Desk service

We have a competent and qualified team, always ready to help.

Free and regular promotional material

We provide communication content to drive reseller success.

As a future reseller, you should know what you can count on.

At You Get, our resellers are key to ensuring that more and more companies have access to the latest products, in an easy and advantageous way. As a consolidated company, we have all the tools necessary to help our resellers in this adventure.
Our product catalog is constantly being updated, so you can have access to the latest news. Here you can find new, refurbished and used equipment.
We believe that together we can go further. You can subscribe to our Reseller area to have access to special prices.

Dedicated ordering platform

Resellers that are part of You Get Family, in addition to exclusive prices, have access to two online platforms that are available at any time.
They allow you to consult invoices, place orders and process repair requests.

How to be a Reseller?

1. Fill out our Form

If you want to grow and follow the changes in the market with us, you can subscribe to our Reseller area.

2. Wait for approval

After submitting the form, your order will be pending for analysis by our Reseller department. Eventually you can be contacted for further clarification.

3. Welcome to You Get Family

After the analysis and if it has been approved, you will receive, in your mailbox, a welcome email to our Online Reseller Store.

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