You Get is much more than a company.
Here we are a FAMILY.

2020 was a different year.
For us, it was synonymous with transformation, growth and new challenges. We took a step forward in the change that allows us to establish, simultaneously, in the national and international market.
None of this would be possible without the people around us. We love what we do and the people who accompany us on this path towards the future. Here we think big so that, TOGETHER, we can build an even bigger future.

The future is in our hands.

You Get today meets the DNA of the founders of the company that seeks solutions for all types of customers and covers a much larger portfolio.
This brand will allow us to innovate for many years because “You Get” is a word that demonstrates constant demand and innovation.


You Get is a company dedicated to the sale and repair of all types of products that seeks to follow the trends and demands of the market and the consumer.


We are a 100% Portuguese brand that is guided in the current market by the quick, personalized service and care we offer our customers, partners and resellers.


• Innovation and Technology
• Personalized and qualified service
• Professionalism and close relationship

We are who accompany us!

Without our team, we wouldn’t be here!
This team is made up of people who do the best for the company every day, with determination and dedication and a vision of a bigger and better future. We know you already have that brilliant mind full of new ideas and these are the different ways to become a member of this family.

Work with us!

Accept the challenge and show what you’re capable of!

Become a Reseller

You have access to exclusive discounts.

Join the Affiliate Program

Do you want to earn extra income representing our brand?

In 2020 alone, we grew more than 30% in employees, 40% in resellers and we implemented the possibility of becoming a partner.
We will continue to grow with each passing day.




Do you want to grow with us or will you just watch?

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